Vignobles Ponty

Handcrafted in Bordeaux since 1905

Our Story

The story of our winery, the Ponty winery, starts in 1905, with my great grandfather, Victor Ponty. One day, finding himself lost in the small village of Fronsac in Bordeaux, he discovered a world of pure authenticity, craftsmanship and heritage. A chance encounter with a soft-spoken school teacher changed his life. She introduced him to the time-honored expertise of the local vintners, the purity and simplicity of their rituals, and their almost innate sense of winemaking from years of observing their ancestors. Victor made it his life’s mission to preserve their traditions, craftsmanship and breathtaking landscapes. Along the way, he documented their philosophy for the future generations of the Ponty family. Today, his acquired wisdom still guides our work in the vineyard and the cellar.

Our Roots

When Victor stepped in Fronsac, little did he know those vineyards were often claimed to be the original birthplace of Bordeaux wine. Over his encounters, he learned how the wine made in Fronsac used to be reserved for the French kings, and how the Duke de Richelieu lived here overlooking the village. But first, he opened his eyes wide, and absorbed the beautiful, rolling hills covered with vines. From the top, you can see the river Dordogne flowing.

Fronsac is one of those Bordeaux villages that shows you that quality, good value, traditional Bordeaux wines still exist. Wineries here are family-owned and can be traced back in time for generations.


Our Wines

Bordeaux has always been one of the most exciting places in the world to make wine, and we feel so grateful to be able to grow the fruits from this environment every day. We specialize in what we like to think of as the "traditional" style of Bordeaux: wines that favour freshness and elegance while still maintaining intensity of flavour.

Our wines have been crafted with a great deal of care from our own vineyards. Most of the work we do is still manual, starting with our harvest, for which we have never used a machine. 

Our focus is on red Merlot wines, but you might soon fall in love with our white wine, a rarity here in Fronsac!

Discover our Wines

Come visit

Our winery is open for visits and tastings. We love to welcome new and returning visitors and share with them the beauty of Fronsac.

Opening Times: Monday To Friday from 8am to 5pm, Saturday from 9am to 12pm.

Contact us:
Tel: +33(0)557512957
Address: 3, Le Port 33126 Fronsac      See on a map

Take a Peek

Have you ever wondered how we actually make wine in Bordeaux or how to taste wine like a pro? Maybe you want to know about terroir or wonder what all this text on the wine label means? Michel and Helene Ponty answer your questions and show you around our winery in our series of homemade videos.

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