The word most often used to describe the Ponty Wines is “elegant”. Our quest is for balance; we want intense and complex wines, but also the freshness of the fruit and a good acidity.

Our family has always believed in a traditional style of winemaking, and our winemaking techniques are very much inspired by our great grandfather Victor. Our wines are “handcrafted”. It means that the small size of our estates allows us to do most of our work manually, in small batches. Particularly, all our vines are harvested by hand by our team of experienced pickers. The work we do in the cellar following the harvest is more like haute couture than mass production. We want our wines to reflect a sense of place, their terroir, but also to reflect our family style. We want them to be unique and have a personality, and we do our best so you can feel that when you drink them.

Château Grand Renouil

Consistently rated in the top wines of Canon Fronsac, Château Grand Renouil faded into obscurity after the revolution, but was resurrected by the Ponty Family in 1938. The 100% Merlot Vines that they planted back then are now over 80 years old and give a wine of such immense richness and depth that it has been dubbed “The Petrus of Fronsac”, although at 9000 bottles per year, its production is much more confidential than its famous neighbor. Opulent, intense yet very elegant, this wine will make an impression.

Vintages Available: 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012

Château du Pavillon

Dating from the 19th century, Château du Pavillon is historically the first vineyard of the Ponty Family, a symbol of Canon Fronsac wines and a symbol of our family. As the first wine we created, it perfectly represents our style: an elegant wine, rich and complex, with subtle oaky notes, a lot of fruit and freshness, and perfect balance. It also represents our roots, where generations of our family grew up, got married, learned their craft. It is our heart in a bottle.

Vintages Available: 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Petit Renouil

Petit Renouil is the second wine of our Chateau Grand Renouil. Our family started producing this wine in 1954, on the impulse of the women of our family who developed a real fondness for this very smooth wine, combining high quality, soft tannins and an exceptional fragrance. The Petit Renouil vineyard is located on the same beautiful Renouil hillside, but is made from the “younger” 40-year-old vines.

Vintages Available: 2004, 2011

Clos Virolle

Clos Virolle is the last-born of the Ponty family collection of wines, and the emblem of our desire to offer accessible wines while keeping our traditional craft alive. One of the rare Bordeaux Superieur wines to still be manually harvested, Clos Virolle puts the emphasis on the delicious fruit our vines bear. The perfect multitalented wine that can accompany your social get-togethers while effortlessly finding its place in the best dinners.

Vintages Available: 2013

Blanc de Grand Renouil

Blanc de Grand Renouil is a rarity. In 1986, Michel Ponty found this perfect, tiny vineyard that was said to produce white wine centuries ago. That’s when he decided to produce the first white wine in Canon Fronsac, a place where only reds are traditionally allowed. With less than 3000 bottles produced annually, it can be difficult to get hold of Blanc de Grand Renouil before it is sold out, but it is worth it. In this wine we use a traditional Bordeaux blend (Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon), but the result is very unique: extremely fragrant and round, with a lot of exotic fruits flavors and a great freshness.

2015 Vintage available in Spring 2016


Despite our best efforts to find a solution, our annual production is too small to be able to offer reasonable shipping costs to buy directly from our winery. That's why for our online orders, we decided to use Avenue des Vins. This website allows us to make the transaction easier and thanks to their larger volumes, to offer cheaper shipping costs. However don't worry, the wines are still prepared by us and shipped directly from our cellar!