Canon Fronsac

Château Grand Renouil

Consistently rated in the top wines of Canon Fronsac, Château Grand Renouil is the jewel of the Ponty Family since 1938. Made up of 100% very old Merlot planted on rich and varied soils, the production of this wine is very meticulous. Once taken down from the Fronsac hillsides, the grapes are sorted and fermented traditionally in our cellar. The wine is then aged in French oak barrels for 12 months. As a result, the wines of Château Grand Renouil have such immense richness and depth that it has been dubbed “The Petrus of Fronsac”, although at 8000 bottles per year, its production is much more confidential than its famous neighbor. Opulent, intense yet very elegant, this wine will make an impression.

Excellent balance of acidity and tannins gives it a round mouthfeel. Decanter

Canon Fronsac

Château du Pavillon

The little pavilion built in the 19th century on the vineyards of Canon Fronsac gave its name to Chateau du Pavillon, one of the best wines in Canon Fronsac. Chateau du Pavillon is the original vineyard of the Ponty Family, acquired in 1925. As such, it became the direct representation of our style and our beliefs. As the first wine we created, we want it to express what our family and Canon Fronsac wines stand for: elegance, richness and freshness in our wines, and always, perfect balance. It also represents our roots, where generations of our family were born, grew up, got married, learned their craft. It is our heart in a bottle.

This classic wine, without too much oak ageing, (...) has a harmonious palate and fine, well-extracted tannins. Guide Bettane et Desseauve

Canon Fronsac

Petit Renouil

Petit Renouil is the second wine of our famous Chateau Grand Renouil, located on the same beautiful hillside, but made from the “younger” 40-year-old vines. Our family started producing this wine in 1954, on the impulse of the women in our family and friends circles. As their love and appreciation for wine grew, they developed a real fondness for this very smooth wine, combining soft tannins and an exceptional fragrance. Perhaps the most widely appreciated wine of our collection, Petit Renouil is this perfect wine you have been looking for for your special date night, or a quiet evening at home when you just want to relax with a glass of wine.

Bordeaux Blanc

Blanc de Grand Renouil

Blanc de Grand Renouil is a rarity. In 1986, Michel Ponty found this perfect, tiny vineyard that was said to produce white wine centuries ago. That’s when he decided to produce the first white wine in Canon Fronsac, a place where only reds are traditionally allowed. With less than 3000 bottles produced annually, it can be difficult to get hold of Blanc de Grand Renouil before it is sold out, but it is worth it. In this wine we use a traditional Bordeaux blend (Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon), but the result is very unique: extremely fragrant and round, with a great balance between the richness of exotic fruits flavors and a lot of freshness. This is the wine that you will drink all summer, never get tired of, and make you wonder why you never knew that Bordeaux could do such delicious white wines at such a good price.


Clos Virolle

One of the rare Bordeaux Superieur wines to still be manually harvested, Clos Virolle is a later addition to the Ponty family collection of wines. Creating Clos Virolle every year might be one of our most difficult jobs: making sure it is fruit-forward, round and generous for everyday enjoyment, but at the same time elegant and structured enough to find its place in the best French bistros or family dinners. To achieve that we consistently apply to the Clos Virolle vineyard the same standards of production as our best Canon Fronsac wines: manual harvest, green harvest, careful selection of grapes etc. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality of grape in the vineyard and then let it express itself in the wine, without interfering too much with winemaking techniques.


Cadet de Ponty

One hundred and ten years after the founding of the Ponty Winery, we engaged in a new journey to meet the demands from those who loved our wines: produce the archetypal pleasure wine, unpretentious, authentic, and showing a perfect balance of flavors. Its name, Cadet de Ponty, depicts in French the youngest son of our family. Its second meaning, a nobleman entering the army, reflects the rigor we put into crafting this wine. Cadet de Ponty is produced like all our other wines, but with a shorter ageing period: one instead of two years. It is a wine we produced to be enjoyed immediately, focused on the fruit, with a Merlot dominant blend and a bit of character coming from the touch of Cabernet Sauvignon (10%).

Haut Montravel

Vent des Cimes

When the Ponty Family decided to start producing a sweet white wine, no other AOC made more sense than Haut Montravel. Just like their hometown of Canon Fronsac, Haut Montravel is a tiny and secretive AOC, known among wine lovers for exceptional soils and great value wines. The vineyards, located on the top of the hills of the Montravel area, are always exposed to a fair amount of wind and mist in the fall, hence the name “Vent des Cimes”.
To obtain this exceptional white wine, our winemaker seeks the development of “noble rot”. The grapes are exclusively harvested by hand, in three or even sometimes four successive rounds. With extremely low yields, no more than 20 hectoliters per hectare, on a particularly small plot of three hectares, the wine of Vent des Cimes is released very carefully.